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Why your business website should include a blog.

Why your business website should include a blog. 16 June, 2017Web Design Online MarketingBlogWhether you are thinking about having a new website designed for your business, or if you are considering adding a blog to your existing website, deciding to include a blog on...

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Case Study: Warren’s Auto Repairs

Are you running a small business and wondering how you could best make use of a website in your online marketing strategy when it comes to reaching a wider audience? We created a simple, engaging, one page website for Muizenberg based entrepreneur Warren Johnson to allow him to do just that.

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How a Good Website Leads to a Sale.

Having a great website is like having an amazing salesperson on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is crucial in today’s society where everything can and is done through the amazing power of the world wide web. In this short article we look at two crucial areas your website needs to nail in order to close the sale.

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