google adwords starter pack electro web design cape town
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Google AdWords Starter Pack

Market your business the smart way with a custom web page and Google AdWords campaign.

Our AdWords starter pack will set you apart from the competition.

For just R4500 once off.

google adwords starter pack electro web design cape town

Custom Designed Web Page

The AdWords Starter pack includes a custom designed web page that is fully mobile responsive and optimized to sell your product or service to your customers.

highly targeted google adwords starter pack electro web design cape town marketing campaign to drive traffic to your web page

AdWords Campaign Setup

Once your web page has been created we will set up a customized, highly targeted AdWords marketing campaign to drive traffic to your new site.

google adwords starter pack electro web design cape town credit when you sign up for our adwords starter pack

R1000 AdWords Credit

Once the setup is complete and approved, we load your campaign with R1000 credit to get the ball rolling. This credit can be topped up at any time.

google adwords starter pack electro web design cape town and online marketing for small business south africa cape town

Report and Monitor

We monitor and optimize your site’s performance for the duration of the campaign, allowing us to give you a click by click rundown of your campaign’s performance.

What you get with our AdWords Starter Pack

Advertising your business on the internet is a daunting task, and it’s all too easy to get lost in the crowd. That’s why we developed an affordable option that allows businesses of any size to have a highly targeted online presence to market their product or service

With our Google AdWords Starter Package we will work with you to create a custom landing page for your business that showcases your brand, products, and services, and inspires visitors to take action and make a purchase. We then set up a custom Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic to your new web site.

With our AdWords starter pack you get:

  • A professional, fully optimized web page for your business
  • Free domain registration and 1 year’s hosting
  • Setup and optimization of your AdWords campaign
  • R1000 AdWords credit to market your business
  • Ongoing optimization and reports for the duration of your campaign

All for only R4500 once off.

AdWords Explained:

What is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is a service that allows you to advertise your business to a specifically targeted customer base through online search results. Certain keywords are selected based on the niche of your business and should a user meet the qualifying criteria, your ad will be presented to them in Google search results.


Why Use Google AdWords?

The three major benefits of Google AdWords are targeting, tracking, and cost.

Targeting: Google AdWords allows us to target a specific customer, based on any number of factors such as location, age, and language. This ensures that the ads are presented to people who are already most likely to follow through and make a purchase.

Trackability: The trackability of AdWords allows us to generate detailed reports based on user behavior to ensure that the campaign is maximizing exposure while minimizing costs. Every aspect of your online marketing campaign can be fine tuned and adjusted to ensure the best results for your business.

Cost: After the initial setup and depending on the niche of your particular business, an AdWords campaign can be one of the most affordable ways of attracting new customers to your business. The highly targeted nature of an AdWords campaign means that you aren’t wasting money on showing your ad to the wrong type of customer.

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google adwords starter pack electro web design cape town
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