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Why your business website should include a blog

Whether you are thinking about having a new website designed for your business, or if you are considering adding a blog to your existing website, deciding to include a blog on your site can be confusing. Below we list a few things to consider when making this decision.

Adding a blog to a website is something clients often bring up as an afterthought, with the center of most web design projects revolving around the layout of the landing page, the color scheme, the images, and the other visual elements that make up the web site. A good blog can be a powerful marketing tool when used properly, and can pay off well over the long term in helping your brand or business to be seen as a thought leader in its field. From plumbers to law firms, almost any business can benefit from a well managed blog. Articles that show expertise or give tips and how to guides can reassure clients that they are buying into a company that knows their stuff.

Another reason to post quality content is that it is shareable on social media. If someone reads something that they find informative and useful, chances are they will want to tell other people about it. Writing articles that appeal to people and are shareable on social media can get your website in front of new customers and work much better than any PPC marketing campaign.

In summary, two major benefits of including a well managed blog on your business website are building credibility with your brand as a thought leader by creating posts that share your expertise, and creating shareable content that people will find useful and want to tell others about on social media

If you would like more advice on creating a custom business website and using blogging to market your services, please dont hesitate to contact us for a web design quote. We work with businesses from all over South Africa and have helped many entrepreneurs reach their goals online.

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